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The Information Tab provides support information for Cook’s Memory.

The main Information Tab is a list of options. Tap the downward-pointing icon to display more about that item.

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Define ‘Us’


‘Us’ is a shortcut used in constructing a guest list. The idea is that there are names which appear on all (or nearly all) of your party guests lists.

You are one such name. If you have a spouse, a partner or a significant other, that person would likely be another. (And maybe kids?) Anyway, ‘Us’ allows you to create a frequent-guest list (here in the information tab) and then add the names to a party’s guest list with just a single tap.

You can use this panel to add, edit or remove names from the ‘Us’ list.

  • Add by tapping the address-card icon (to pick names from your guest tab), or by tapping the + icon to add them manually.
  • Edit a name by tapping on it; an edit screen will appear.
  • Remove a name by left-swiping it.

Entering or editing a name.


A completed ‘Us’ list.


Import/Export Panel


Use this panel to import data (such as from another device or a backup), export a compressed copy of your Cook's Memory data (for a manual backup or for transfer to another device), or to delete data files which are no longer needed.

Another way to import data is via email. If you include a Cook's Memory data file as an email attachment, you can double-tap the attachment. Doing so will cause Cook's Memory to run and to perform the import automatically.